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Official Music Video: Too Depressed for the Ukulele (Featuring Friends)


Live Music Video: Trying Not to Break (Raw Rough Draft Version)


Just wrote this ‪#depressing‬ ‪ukulele‬ ‪song‬... here's a live, raw, rough draft version... Do you like seeing this sort of raw thing? Would you rather just hear the polished tracks? Very curious..


Pheromones: Music Video

"Pheromones" by Kara Square and Piero Peluche now has an official music video! Created by Piero Peluche and featuring the magnificent paper sculptures and animations of Paul Bagnulo! A Chemical "Love" Chain Song: More Pheromones Inside! Hope you dig!!



Polydactyl Super Cat Vs Paper Towel Roll - Music Video featuring "Ukulele Vs Kazoo and Whistle, Too Plus Drums"

Our dear, sweet Murmur kindly shows her vicious shredding skills in this video.  On her birthday each year (April 20th- it's actually the day she showed up at our home 5 years ago), we give her a roll of paper towels to destroy.  It usually takes her about a week to fully end its life.  Anyway, I thought the footage worked quite well with an instrumental piece I wrote called "Ukulele Vs Kazoo and Whistle, Too Plus Drums." 

If you love the song, you can license it to use in your own videos!  It's quick and mighty affordable to do so... Anyway... I hope you enjoy the video and song!



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