Kara Square is the founder of Thinkroot Records and a ukulele slinging, songwriting, and singing music maker.  She attended The Recording Workshop School of Audio & Music Production in 2004.

Thinkroot RecordsKara released her solo folk pop album, Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke, in March of 2013. She released an instrumental album called Ukulele Duels in 2015. She is constantly releasing new music for Thinkroot Records music catalog and actively creates custom music for clients.

Kara Square loves collaborations. She has a Tex-Mex guitar and ukulele surfer pop rock album with Piero Peluche (Italian multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, and producer) called Square Meter. She produced music with Rich Ratvasky as Team Smile and Nod (Look Both Ways Before You Die [2008], Mourning Time [2011], Dust from the Stars [2012 Single]). Kara is an active member of the international Creative Commons remix website ccMixter.org.

Square Meter Cover ArtIn 2010, Kara Square began her solo career by recording comedic songs that didn’t fit the style of Team Smile and Nod. She made videos to accompany them and blogged about it as Mind Map That. Her video, “Think About Poop,” won Water For People’s Support a Movement Video Competition in December of 2010.

Ukulele Duels Cover ArtAs Kara recorded her comedy songs, she posted each track’s stems on ccMixter.org. Since joining ccMixter in June of 2010, her songs have been remixed over 970 times by a talented community of musicians. Based on her enthusiastic participation and her choice to embrace Creative Commons, she was invited to be an Admin on ccMixter in August of 2011.

Kara Square’s vocals are featured on acclaimed Turkish musician, Murat Ses’ album Light Cone [2012] (track 2, “Chiral of Past”). In 2015, she was featured in track by Murat Ses called “Endless Dance.” It won Akademia and Global Music Awards (both in the USA) for Best Dance/Electronica Song and charted on Billboard Magazine in 2016.

Kara Square’s vocals and music can be heard on many albums and compilations including:

Kara Square has two additional solo projects. Ukuambient is the pseudonym she uses for her ukulele psybient compositions. Square Pulse is her game music alias.